GEES 2024: The Ultimate Launchpad for Grads – Key Lessons & Highlights

GEES 2024: The Ultimate Launchpad for Grads – Key Lessons & Highlights

GEES 2024

Posted on 15 July 2024

If you're a recent graduate or an aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria, last week's Graduate Employability & Enterprise Summit (GEES) 2024 was the place to be. The event was packed with expert talks, practical advice, and inspiration, and it was a career supercharger. 

Did you miss out? Don't worry—we've covered you with a full recap of the best insights and moments.

Skills for the Future: Thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Johnson Abbaly, tech expert and futurist, kicked things off with a wake-up call about the impact of technology on the job market. He emphasized that digital literacy isn't just about knowing how to use the latest gadgets; it's about developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and adapting to a world constantly reshaped by tech. "The jobs of tomorrow might not even exist today," he warned, "so it's about being ready to learn and evolve continually."

Igniting Creativity: Opportunities in the Entertainment and Content Creation

Actress and entrepreneur Bimbo Ademoye got real about the booming creative economy. "This isn't about waiting for someone to discover you," she said, "it's about taking your talent, adding savvy and hustle, and creating your own path." Whether it's content creation, media, design, or the arts, she emphasized that passion and a willingness to learn the business side of things can create amazingly fulfilling careers.

What Employers REALLY Want: Lessons from the Frontlines

This panel was pure gold! Recruiters and HR leaders from top companies like Bet9ja and 9jaPay offered an inside look at what makes resumes and candidates stand out. They busted myths about experience, emphasised the power of a strong online presence, and gave super-practical interview tips. One key takeaway? Employers want people eager to learn and grow, not just those with every skill.

Design Thinking: Your Problem-Solving Superpower

Naomi Lucas, an innovation consultant, introduced the audience to design thinking. This isn't just for designers; it's a step-by-step process for tackling any challenge, from personal dilemmas to launching a business. "Design thinking puts the people you're trying to help at the center and leads to solutions that are truly impactful," she explained. Her session left everyone feeling like they'd unlocked a powerful new tool.

Startup Power: Dream Big, Start Small, Grow Fast

Ever dreamed of launching your own venture? This panel was a must-watch. Real entrepreneurs shared their journeys, including the messy parts. They discussed the importance of a solid business plan, the hustle of finding funding, and, most importantly, the resilience to bounce back from setbacks. Their message was clear: "It won't be easy, but if you're passionate and resourceful, entrepreneurship can be incredibly rewarding."

Beyond the Sessions: The GEES Experience

The energy at GEES 2024 was infectious. Networking breaks were abuzz with ambitious grads making connections and sharing ideas. But this wasn't just about theory; attendees walked away with actionable resources like free online certification courses, laptops, and information on funding opportunities for their ventures.

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